To ensure it is adapted to your busy every day life, we made sure the swaps were

  • easy,

  • fit for purpose

  • would help you reduce your single use & recurring plastic consumptions.

And good news I tried all of them!

For Beginners
4 easy swaps

Never leave home without

  1. your water bottle.

  2. your re-usable coffee cup. Collapsible cups take the same space as a card game & are leak proof to ensure no drops of coffee leaks in your bag.

  3. your re-usable carrier bags. 

From experience, we recommend you 2 of each of the above so you can have one the office & carry one with you. 

4. Swap your plastic non recyclable toothbrush for our bamboo toothbrush. You don't have to change your habits or stop washing your teeth, but simply enjoy a new feel good experience!

motivated eco-warriors
2 areas to look into

If  you have not taken any single-use plastic bags for 4 week & you now stare heavily at all the plastic coffee cup drinkers, then you are ready to move to the next level!


  • Make your choice looking of the packaging - If you are not craving for something specific, just have a quick look at the different packaging choices. 

    • Avoid all the salad bowls

    • ​Choose a deli-type restaurant where you can bring your own salad bowl.

  • Bring a set of cutlery from home or buy a small set. ​If you keep forgetting your home cutlery, save & re-use the plastic set from your take away lunch.


For fruits & vegetables

  • When shopping, always go for the options without plastic around the vegetables & fruits. 

  • The easy ones are bananas, apples, oranges, avocados, tomatoes, lemons. 

  • The home delivered vegetables boxes can be a true help - The 1st order might not be 100% correct, but your second one will!

  • Farmers market are a perfect option & if you want to be delivered we tried Farm drop - a lovely ethical grocer with strong values.

For Meat & FishAvoid pre-pack meats & fish, by going to your local butcher or fish shop. If you don't have any, your retailer butcher's & fisherman's counters, will be happy to help you, and they will use less plastic.

For Bread - Either you have a lovely bakery close to your house or the retailer's bakery section is a great alternative if you come with your own bag. You can save a lot of bread plastic bags this way!

For breakfast

Home milk delivery is a lovely option for everyone who are living in small houses or a flat where walking down the stairs is not too long!

Milk or orange juice glass bottles are delivered to your door stop, & you send back to be washed out and re-used.​

We tried for you www.milkandmore.co.uk

If you have porridge, pick up the Quaker carton box, where there is no plastic at all.​​

Cupboard essentials

  • Pasta & Rice exist in carton packs. 

  • Condiments - Most of the time glass options are available, so don't forget to pick up the glass option for olive & sunflower oils, ketchup, mustard & mayonnaise.




As we are at the beginning of the plastic reduction adventure, most of the time no plastic free solutions are available.


A few ideas then:

1/ Is there a plastic option made of recycling material?

2/ Ask yourself, do I really need it?

3/ If you really need it, can I buy it in a bigger portion ?

4/ If nothing is available, then go for it.

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