It all started at a school concert !

Laetitia, Founder of My green vibes

We realise being eco-friendly on top of being healthy, good lucking, have a fantastic career appears to be hard! 

Therefore, everything we recommend you should be as simple as possible, either in place to shop or easy swaps.

After 15 years in big corporations struggling to make a lot of sense of my everyday job , it was time for me to try to truly make a difference.

As I was listening to a lovely song on "Reduce, re-use, recycle" by a class of 8 years old children, I realised their awareness & actions to protect the environment were miles ahead of mine.

When the school headteacher concluded the show by reflecting on the power of the children to change their parents consumption rooted habits & the impact it could have on what our planet could be looking like in 50 years, I felt embarrassed by my attitude, & decided I had to take actions & seriously understand the basics of recycling !

I was used to a certain comfort in terms of shopping & every day products, therefore I could not follow people fitting their year litter in a jam jar, as I was dumping 1 bin per day. I have a lot of respect for everyone following a Zero waste lifestyle, but I was not ready for it. I then, followed a lot of blogs on how to use less plastic, by making my personal deodorant, bake washing liquid... but unfortunately I had no time for this. I had to also pursue a career, raise well mannered children, be the most loving wife & be healthy, so, what could I do?

Discussing with my friends, I realise I was not the only one struggling & not sure where to start.


This was the challenge I was looking for! 


I decided to put all my passion, marketing & business experiences for a great cause : help people be more eco-friendly & feel good about it!

And this is really exciting!




Promise 1

Reduce plastic 

Help you reduce plastic, especially single use plastic as much as possible as this is 70% of the waste which is polluting our oceans.


We made the choice to offer swaps which give priority to paper, glass & aluminium.  These 3 materials have 2 key advantages:

1 - 70-80% are recycled

2 - they can be endly recycled into new glass or paper or aluminium cans. 

On the flip side, 30% of all the plastic used is recycled & when recycled, it will not be in plastic bottles, but in secondary plastic options, which today is far less than all the plastic we recycle.

Promise 2

Keep it simple

Promise 3

Clean the past

We didn't realise until recently, what was the impact of plastic. Probably we would have been more careful, so now lets try to clean a little what we did.


Therefore for every toothbrush you buy, 1 plastic item will be taken off from the sea or the cost.


Plastic items range from plastic bags, to bottles, to cigarettes, which are also containing plastic.

We believe, with more joy & fun, everyone will be able to start something new & go an extra miles!

So, we will make our best to show you all the people trying to find solutions to turn the plastic tide, all the companies committing to a brighter future and you trying your best in a complex world!

Promise 4

Be positive

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