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“Europe Declares a Climate Emergency” - Yes it is a good news!

It may not sound like a good news or "it is only words" other says, but for me is it positive news!


The fact that Europe is the first continent to declare climate and environmental emergency, and three weeks after Donald Trump confirmed the US’ withdrawal from the Paris agreement, is a strong message sent to citizens and the rest of the world. EU is taking a lead role in the world on this crucial topic & this will definitely bring light to EU's initiatives, raise awareness & credibility when impact on climate change are raised in companies & government’s decisions. The person raising the climate impact question will not be seen as the “Greenpeace-true hugger” anymore & this makes me tremendously happy!


Maybe gouvernements are not doing enough, but nothing but itself will be enough. However, we have never seen before as many  little steps walking in the same direction. You like it or not, “Rome wasn't build in a day” and even if big moves are needed, people change one step at a time. So rather than wait for a massive move which might or might not happen, lets all take small steps every day and next time your friend or boss make a decision against climate change, don’t hesitate to ask : “And you, what are you doing for climate change?"


If you want to know more on the EU decision - The EU Parliament passed a resolution declaring that the current changes to our environment are in fact a climate emergency. While largely a symbolic move, it does come with a number of efforts by the countries of Europe to change course. They declared they need to reduce emissions by a whopping 55% by 2030, and want all relevant legislation passed in the parliament to align with keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees celsius.     

A few interesting articles:





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