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This Christmas looking to be the ”most ethical” on record!

All the trends are going in this direction! The UK Ethical market grew by 3.2% compared to 0.9% for the general retail on the last 14 years, making it now worth £81.3bn.

And we are all definitely more ethically conscious!

87% of respondents said they were doing things in their lives specifically for social / environmental / animal welfare reasons:

> 69% of people recycled at least every week

> 1 person out of 3 avoiding using private cars and choosing to walk, cycle or use public transport instead.

> + 34% of people talking to their friends and family about unethical companies

However, let’s keep it up, as there is still a lot of room for ethical purchase to grow!

Thanks to the Ethical Consumer magazine whose annual Ethical Consumer Markets Report has tracked Britain’s ethical spending since 1999, last report from 2017.

2 articles to know more :

The Ethical market report -

A more controversial point of view

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