What is

a climate change


It is a 2h playful and collaborative workshop

to understand in details Climate Change.

I wanted to engage my team in Singapore & the world's Climate journey but I didn't know where to start.

The 1st step was as usual : awareness!

Lee, Business owner of a company of 20 people 

IN 2h 

By team of ​6 people,

you will play & collaborate

to gain a deeper understanding of climate change

and what you can do to be on on the solution side rather than be on the problem side.



The groups will have to identify the links between 42 cards, each card being a cause or an effect or climate change, in order to reconstitute the climate collage.

All data are from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports, which is today the most reliable data about climate change.



Each individual will do their own assessment by using a carbon footprint calculator.



The groups will gather to debrief and answer specific questions

and above all, reflect:

what can we do? How can we change?

Solutions are at our hands!

We will help your team

find concrete steps they can act on

& be proud of it.

Every steps matters, little or big ones.

What are the best moments for a workshop ?

Looking into team development or Corporate responsability, a lot of opportunities are offered to you.


Team buildings

If you want people to play & collaborate by looking for answers on a totally new  topic. 

Your team will leave the room with a common understanding, vocabulary & knowledge on a key topic of the next 100 years



As part of your Corporate responsibility program

or to give deeper context to your sustainable road map.


Inspiring sessions

If you want your company to inspire your team

on one of the most talked topics of recent months. 

Why organise these workshop?



Internal engagement 

Build internal brand engagement,

by selecting a meaningful topic, close to your people’s heart and worth their time.




Help your staff understand the underlying objectives of your sustainability plan for a full buy-in.




Be a solution leader in creating a safe future for our families and community


For any further information, don't hesitate to contact us.
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